Workflow and testing of new features

Updates run by ncp-update take the latest version from the master branch of the repo.

These features need to be well tested in order to be merged to that branch. The typical workflow is

  • Create a feature in a local separate branch
  • Create a Pull Request to the devel branch
  • Test the devel branch
  • Merge into master

In order to test the devel or any other branch, the tester can do the following

  • Start a fresh instance of the SD card image on a testing board, or QEMU
  • Run sudo ncp-update devel
  • Test

This command will bring your system to the devel brach. In case we decided to keep a separate branch for this feature, say feature_1, we could test it with

# ncp-update feature_1

After we have verified that everything works as intended we can merge into master