Workflow and Deck at File Upload

Hi all,

i’m a new user of nextcloud self hosted server version 26.0.1. So succesfuly using Deck plugin.
My question is how using Deck with Workflow like on next image which is on officaly nextcloud page.

So there you can see third flow that “when is file uplodaed to specific folder create a new Deck”.
Problme is that i dont have this option in my Nextcloud. I even dont see this plugin “Create card in Deck”?

Hello and welcome to the community support forum :wave:

As far as I know, Deck does not yet have a flow integration:

I am sure contributions are welcome though :rocket:

It might be possible using + the API:

See Adding card to deck using script

Ok that is good i can arrange this. But i need to find on event where files are uploaded to specific folder. But i dont have this option in nextcloud flow options.