Work with files in Windows explorer

Nextcloud version : 18.03
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 18.04
Apache 2
PHP version 7.2

My nextcloud is working fine but i am facing one problem for the last days which makes me despair.
I just want to work with my files on my computer without downloading them.

I tested the nextcloud desktop client but the problem here is that the desktop client just sync the files with a local folder so you have all the files also localy saved. And thats not a solution for me because i dont have so much space (400GB files in Nextcloud).

I also connetcted my the nextcloud via WebDav to my windows explorer, but here is the problem, that the WebDav networkstorage is as big as my local storage. And when i upload a files with WebDav, the files are in the Nextcloud but i also get less local storage.

Is there any solution?



If you work in Webdav only your local storage should be untouched since the files are on the server only :slight_smile: