WordPress + Nextcloud + OMV is this possible?

Title pretty much says it.

I want to have Wordpress, Nextcloud, and OpenMediaVault running on a raspberry pi 3. So far, I have been able to get WordPress and Nextcloud to play well together with PHP7, but when I try to install OMV I get PHP errors. Apparently, it needs PHP5, so my questions are:

  1. Is there a list of Nextcloud apps that require PHP7
  2. Is this combination possible
  3. Other than speed, are there really any advantages to having PHP7 with Nextcloud and WordPress over PHP5

I found this site on installing OMV and got the PHP error

Thank you

Yes Php7 is much, much faster than php5. I would suggest you find an alternative to OMV if that really can’t run on php7 (which seems strange as nearly all php projects made the switch by now).

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The next OMV release is planned to be stretch based. That should come with php7. Planned release date is Q2 2018 which is kind of soonish. So another possibility would be to wait a bit:

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