WordPress Bridge / SSO

Hi, would it be possible to login into Wordpress and automatically be signed into Nextcloud as well?
I’m running a WordPress website and like to give logged in users access to Nextcloud without signing in again.

Since WordPress is the most popular CMS I wonder if someone already did this or if it could be easily done?

Well, you could revive this plugin:


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Any news about that? I’m also interested in such a functionality. In my opinion user management should then only be possible via wordpress (also changing password, email or name only via wordpress).

In my opinion there are two possibilites:

  1. Synchronise user databases
    For compatibility with nc-encryption, passwords then must be safed encrypted in memory while user is logged-in. For such way I would create a general SSO-plugin for NextCloud and a specific one for WP/Joomla/Drupal…
  2. Use wp-database
    More simple, NC is just using the WP-user database + extend it with user groups, quota… :smiley:
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Any updates about this? would love to see this option tis possible

Hello, I would be interested in this solution too.

I’m interested too :blush:

I’m interested too.

SSO between different applications - Nextcloud, ownCloud, WordPress, firewall/VPN, Windows AD, etc. - can be setup today using SAML or OIDC. And if you get an enterprise account with Nextcloud they will (most likely) give you a hand…

If you want to DIY, here is an example (with different apps) using Keycloak

Having users managed by WordPress in this scenario is never going to happen.
In an SSO setup an external user directory is used - LDAP, AD, etc.