WordPress Bridge / SSO


Hi, would it be possible to login into Wordpress and automatically be signed into Nextcloud as well?
I’m running a WordPress website and like to give logged in users access to Nextcloud without signing in again.

Since WordPress is the most popular CMS I wonder if someone already did this or if it could be easily done?


Well, you could revive this plugin:



Any news about that? I’m also interested in such a functionality. In my opinion user management should then only be possible via wordpress (also changing password, email or name only via wordpress).

In my opinion there are two possibilites:

  1. Synchronise user databases
    For compatibility with nc-encryption, passwords then must be safed encrypted in memory while user is logged-in. For such way I would create a general SSO-plugin for NextCloud and a specific one for WP/Joomla/Drupal…
  2. Use wp-database
    More simple, NC is just using the WP-user database + extend it with user groups, quota… :smiley:


Any updates about this? would love to see this option tis possible