Wopi App no longer working with NC 18.0.0


I recently upgraded NC to 18.0.0.
Since that upgrade, the Wopi app is no longer working.
Nextcloud just opens a new browser tab with the same content as the active one.
Wopi app is V 3.4.10

Any idea where to start searching?


Hello, unfortunately i can only confirm this issue. NC18 broke the WOPI App, instead of opening the documents in the Browser view it just opens another tab/window with the folder/files view where the doc is saved, no matter what Browser or OS is used.
Creating new documents is still working, so communication with the Wopi Server is not the problem. Was trying any possible solution, updating the Ubuntu OS and all packages of the VM our NC is running on, changed Wopi server URL from SSL to HTTP (our Wopi server is working on both protocols), removing and reinstalling Wopi App. I did not have time to investigate further, i suspect it is caused by wrong Link Generation or changed behaviour of NC18 and how it handles these links now.

Finally I solved the problem. In our case, the problem was not caused by NC18 or the WOPI App, it was caused by the App “Share Renamer”. I was in touch with the developer of the WOPI App, they asked me to set a breakpoint in the viewer.js in browser and tell the parameters. When doing this, I noticed JS error caused by the “Share Renamer” App and its JS. After disabling the “Share Renamer” app, WOPI integration is working as expected again. So, maybe you check your browser console for some javascript causing possible errors and disable the corresponding App in NC. Regards!

Disabling ShareRenamer did the trick for me, too!
Thank You very much!

I don’t think there is the option in Antennapod to sync from a local file