WOL to External Storage

Hello Everyone!!!

I have one PC running my Nextcloud instance and I do have another one which I have a raid 5 for all my files. This computer is turned off most time and the nextcloud has a external storage link to this Raid. I would like to send a WOL for the second computer when users try to use the external storage on nextcloud and that computer can wake. Any easy configuration?

No idea any anyone?

has not been implemented, feel free to contribute:

Fair enough! :slight_smile: I was looking into the code… Should be a change in this file https://github.com/nextcloud/server/blob/master/lib/private/Files/Filesystem.php?

Anyone who can help me with some questions about this change?

Do we have a feature related to this item?

Sorry about dummy questions will be the first contribution! :slight_smile:

@jospoortvliet @nickvergessen Can you help out?

Pfff, you need to be in external storage section/app, and there trigger this. @icewind is the expert here, but I’m not sure if/when he has time to give pointers…

I think this is the better spot.