Without remote wipe, how to delete files from users device?

Hi all, I’m looking at Nextcloud for our organisation, but it seems there is nothing in place to do a remote wipe on a (personal) user device. What if a user goes rogue or a device gets stolen? You could disable access, but they would still have all the organisations files on their local device. Having to implement a seperate MDM solution (also for laptops) would be a massive disadvantage for us.

I’m really curious to hear how other organisations tackle this issue. Also, is remote wipe as a feature included in Nextcloud’s roadmap?

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I quickly search the repositories on github and didn’t find a feature request (feel free to open them). The desktop client currently runs with user permissions, so if you gain access, you can easily stop the client from deleting or just mount the disk with a different OS, or start without network connection.

If you run a business, you could reach out to enterprise support subscriptions, for private users/developers this feature is perhaps a bit less interesting.

If you allow corporate data on non-hard disk encrypted devices that is just wrong from a security standpoint.
Same for mobile devices where MDM is best practice. Confidential data will never just stay in the folders used by your file sync and share solution. You can request the feature of course, but couldn’t hold back with giving this general advice.

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