With server side encryption, how to decrypt file from cli

I am running Nextcloud AIO v9.1.0 docker and have server side encryption and use the built-in borg backup.

I know how to restore a borg backup through NC but that isn’t what I want to do.

I have been using it as a backup solution but now am moving to a different backup solution because over time some files from my laptop have vanished. It is my hope that they exist somewhere in the previous backups.

If I didnt use server-side encryption, then decrypting them from my laptop would be easy; just mount the repositories and copy all the files and structure to where I want them so I can go through everything.

Unforetunately when I do the borg mount or borg extract, the extracted files are still encrypted. I am trying to find the command I can use to double-decrypt.

I asked chatgpt and it said to use: borg extract --list /mnt/borg/borg/borg::20240119_202838-nextcloud-aio /mnt/bmount/nextcloud_aio_volumes/nextcloud_aio_nextcloud_data/mike/files/Notes/Daily/ --stdout | borg extract --/home/mike/temp/

This sounded logical but doesnt work; I am missing something.
What I expected was it to first ask for my borg encryptionkey passphrase then ask for my nextcloud user password for the 2nd decryption, but it didn’t.

Anyone have any suggestions?



Hi @mstrauss22,

Did you know this tool:

nextcloud/encryption-recovery-tools - server-side-encryption

That would be for the decryption after the borg part got extracted and decrypted.

I hope that helps.

Much and good luck,

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