With Group Folders is it possible to see a list of all who has access?

I have tried out Group Folders, seems like an awesome feature.

My main issue with group folders is that it seem very easy to accidentally giving the wrong people access to a folder.

If I set up a group folder, lets say I add the Groups:
Sales, Legal and Board

I want only Board and Legal to access some folders, for example with employment contracts. So I press the Share button of Employment Contracts subfolder and I want to make sure only Legal and Board will have access. I then add Board and Legal and give them full access to this folder.
Now I realise I also need to add the Sales group and Deny it access, fair enough but here is the problem, this is too complex, if I forget about the Sales group they will have full access and I will not even see them in the list. Also if I add another User Group to the group folder in the future it will immediately have full access to these restricted folders until I add them to the subfolder and deny access.

Am I thinking about this wrong? is there another way?

I actually filed an enhancement request at github but realize I should probably have asked here first

Kind regards