Wishlist: Remove item only from iPhone (not from server)

I would love to have the chance to remove an item from only the iPhone (for freeing space on the device) and not directly from the server, too :slight_smile:

hi @chrroessner,
we thought at this option, but, the normal user, do not think it would understand … :slight_smile:

Do you really think, the user does not understand it? :slight_smile: If the option is called like this:

  • Leave original file on server
  • Original auf dem Server belassen (German)

It sound quiet clear to me :slight_smile:

no no @chrroessner the normal user do not understand : local ? server ? but local where ? and server ??.. but this file (image) where is ??? :joy:

these are technical concepts … i think …

I just bought the Nextcloud app to test next to the owncloud app and the menu to delete on device only or server and device, was one of the first things I looked for, I was surprised not to find it. I’ve certainly never heard of anyone complaining about not understanding it on the owncloud forums or github over the years, which leaves you with clearing the cache… which is a little drastic.

I would like to see this feature too.
I have some videos on my desktop in my nextcloud folder and download them to my Iphone.
If I could not delete them from the Iphone without deleting them from the server and
so from my desktop, I need to store the videos twice on my desktop. That wasting a lot of space on
my desktop and in the backup etc.
On the mobile devices space is always low, so a client without the possibility to release space
without reinstalling the app … I think there is potential :slight_smile:
Maybe you could implement an expert mode where this feature is available.

Regards Elmar

Available next version