Windows WebDAV conection problems

I am running NC 10.0.2 on NethServer 7.3.

I have problems connecting to NextCloud with WebDAV in windows.
I am using WebDrive, and can connect to other servers (non NC/NS) without problems.
If I connect as suggested like this;

I connnect without problems, but then when I copy a file using windows explorer, no matter the size 1k, or 400mb, I can copy the file no problem, then next file copy, fails, saying not enough space available, 0 bytes available. A disconnect, and reconnect lets me copy one more file again.

I have read in many places, and the webdav connection we should be making is;

If I try to connect this way, same problem.

I just seen in NC manual that WebDrive is not listed as supported. I have licenses for WebDrive, so I want to figure out what is wrong. I tried the trial for NetDrive and it works, no 0 bytes available error, and can copy many files, at least so far. But, NetDrive is painfully slow, and I there are basically no settings that I can find, so I can’t even look to see what is different between NetDrive/WebDrive.
Right now, I guess I’m just hoping someone has had this problem before with WebDrive.

I was connecting directly into a folder and that is what was giving me the problem, if I conect into the root of the user, no problem. Now, I need to connect directly into a folder, but at least I have a workaround that seems to work for now.
Should I not be able to connect into a WebDav folder instead of the root?