Windows sync client doesn't appear to download files

I have Windows 10 on a PC and started to realize it is not syncing files. What’s odd is I will get the notification saying my files synced, however new files no longer appear to be showing up and changes to files aren’t showing up either. I have the latest build (2.3.2) and Nextcloud 12.0.3 on my server. I tried reinstalling it but that didn’t appear to help either. Any thoughts?

How can we motivate people to check logfiles first and giving more information?

Perhaps because you have to point me to the ownCloud project to find this info, and there is no apparent “logs button” on the client and it is hidden with an “F12” option that is documented nowhere else, and none of these logs appear server-side. Perhaps we should additionally be discussing Nextcloud having this info on their website too since I have to go to the “competition” to find this

NC Website:
NC Documentation:

and it looks like Nextcloud is getting an independent client development started very soon: Nextcloud Introducing Native Integrated End-to-end Encryption