Windows Sync Client 2.5.1 malfunction

Hi guys,

first I like to say that I really like Nextcloud. Its fantastic and works pretty good.
But since the release of the Windows desktop client 2.5.1 I got some issues.
I can login with other accounts, but when I want to login with my personal account i get the following issue:
After I entered the url for the cloud I am asked to enter the login credentials. That works too but when I click on grant access (Zugriff gewähren) it loads forever and nothing happens.
when I click on grant access it directly jumps back to the window where I need to enter the login credentials.

The sync client works fine. But I am not a fan of using an old version of a program.

My server:
Debian Stretch (15.0.5)

I can login in the website without any problems with every account.

Best regards


I browsed the help website a bit and set 3 additional parameters:
“overwrite.cli.url”, “overwriteprotocol” and “overwritehost”.
But that didnt help.

Then I thought to download another client version and browsed the download url and found a 2.5.2 version client.

That one works actually for me (besides the version).

So maybe that might help someone.

Does your user have whitespaces in it?

Example: “John Doe”?

If yes, this error is documented:

Alternatively you can try one of the RCs (release candidates):

or the most recent version of it (2.5.2):

best regards

Yea it does, thanks.
I already fixed it with the 2.5.2 version I downloaded before your post. But thanks for highlighting that its not related to my setup. :slight_smile:

you’re welcome :wink: