Windows share with Active Directory permissions

Nextcloud version (13.0.5)

Dear community,

I have integrated my Active Directory via LDAP and so far everything works very well. The desired users and groups are included as desired.

To my problem:

I have a data structure on my Windows data server that has a complex authorization structure in the background. There are various groups in the Active Directory that have individual permissions on the individual folders in the data structure.
As mentioned above, these groups are already available via LDAP in the Nextcloud.

My goal is that every user has access to the corresponding folders.
Controlled by the authorization groups - see above.

I have already tried via “external storage” to realize that, but I have the problem if I want to add a user the “root” directory of the share as external storage and this user does not have rights to all subfolders, the Nextcloud does not add this directory.

I am very grateful for any help: slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!