Windows NC app can't upload anymore: Error writing Metadata to the database

I installed a new instance of NextCloud (of course version 13) and also I downloaded the Windows client to my desktop.
The computer was uploading files since Sunday 8:00 pm. At this moment the application is not uploading anymore.
The application tells me:
Error writing Metadata to the database

What is going wrong and what can I do to solve this problem.


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I have same issue… Any ideas?

I now have the same problem and can’t find any solution when googling the error message. @Guido_van_Harten and @richyc79 Have you been able to solve this?

I have the same problem. Is there an OCC command to repair the database?

Hello @hessercan

You replied to an very old topic related to NC13 (!).

Please open a new one and add all necessary information. The support category has a template for that.
Will closing here now.