Windows Desktop Install window too tall

Nextcloud version 24.0.3 (on shared server with cpanel etc.)
Client operating system: Windows 10? (not sure exact release)
Laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 14"
External Monitor: ASUS VG246
Windows desktop client 3.5.4-x64.msi

I’ve been testing Nextcloud on a shared server, and installed the desktop client snap on Ubuntu and the package on Android a few weeks ago. No major issues on those platforms.

Last night for the first time I installed the Nextcloud Windows client on spouse’s laptop. The laptop is on a stand with a larger monitor to the side.

The Nextcloud installer was using the laptop screen which is physically quite a bit smaller than the attached monitor. UNFORTUNATELY for the final part of the install (where you choose the sync folder etc.) Nextcloud sized itself too tall for the laptop screen, and I could not see any way to move it up or down.

I got through everything except once I had chosen to sync the files with the server there was no way to finish the install. I decided there must be an OK button off the bottom edge of the window that we couldn’t see. (If there’s a Windows command to move a dialog around like there is in linux GNOME I don’t know it.)

What I ended up doing is tabbing and hitting Return until I hit whatever invisible button I couldn’t see and it finished the install.

It’s not working perfectly for spouse, but this was quite a “papercut,” if you know what I mean, so spouse is not exactly enamored with it so far. (Spouse also couldn’t get either Collabora or LibreOffice to open the files, but that’s another issue I’ll figure out eventually.)

I believe the max hardware resolutions are (though I don’t know what resolutions Windows has chosen)
Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7: 1920x1080px max
ASUS VG246H: 1920x1080px max (connected via USB-C)

I’m surprised looking up the resolutions online because I would think the height SHOULD be the same (??) but Nextcloud installer chose a height too tall for the screen (I could not see the top or bottom edges).

Is there already an open bug for this in a bug tracker?

If you need the ACTUAL resolutions, where do I look in Windows to find the actual resolution of the displays in Windows? (I don’t use Windows much in years. Spouse needed it for online courses & work.)

This should definitely be high enough in order to show the hole window of the installer.

A quick Google search brought me to this…

In case the window is still too big after you have set the correct resolution, also check the scaling factor and make sure it is set to a 100%,

Thank you very much for those tips. I finally got a chance to stop by spouse’s office and discovered that although the resolutions are as stated (1920x1080px on both the external monitor and the laptop), the laptop has what Windows considers to be the “recommended” scaling of 150%.

Is having the window cut off when viewed at the recommended resolution NOT considered a bug?

I don’t dare change the recommended scaling because at 150% the text etc. looks roughly the same size as on the external monitor, though when you drag a window between them you can see the features jump as it resizes. So I think at 100% the text etc. will be unreadably tiny on her 14" laptop screen.

SO apparently that last screen of the installer cannot handle a 150% magnification, and no matter where I start it, it opens new windows on the laptop screen instead of the external monitor. I launched the installer again and the first bit looks like most Windows installation programs, but I didn’t see a way to get to the last screen on an existing installation.

If needed, I think I will need to set up a Windows VM to experiment with, because it looks like the only option is to uninstall and reinstall Nextcloud, and that seems to involve a reboot. I avoid causing trouble on Spouse’s laptop. :slight_smile:

I don’t use Windows on my personal devices, so I wouldn’t know…

So switch to a 100% for the installation and then change it back to a 150% after it is installed…

Yeah… Windows and its reboots… :wink:

Seriously: Computers need to be restarted from time to time. Even if you’re using Linux or macOS you should perform a reboot every once in a while. And i guess your spouse doesn’t work 24h a day. So I’m confident that you’ll find a time slot… Good luck! :slight_smile:

I apologize, apparently I have fostered some misunderstanding here.

  1. I installed the Nextcloud client on a Windows device. It seems to work.

  2. However, in order to complete the installation, I had to do something unexpected. (I tabbed around to find a presumably hidden button. Which apparently worked.) Since the window was hidden due to a “recommended” Windows setting I presume it’s not uncommon.

  3. That installation experience, which I called a “papercut,” soured spouse against Nextcloud.

I posted here expecting someone to say “yes we’ve heard reports of this and that’s being tracked as bug number so-and-so.”

I’m not intending to make a career of installing Nextcloud on Windows, but if I need to set up a VM to replicate the environment for bug testing purposes, I will.

But my intention was to identify a flaw so it could be corrected.

We already use several other paid file sharing services and I thought Nextcloud could replace at least one of them and also leverage some shared server capacity we already pay for.

Again, my apologies for getting this on the wrong track. If I’ve posted this in the wrong place, please let me know.

No need to apologize. But this forum is more meant for support, while bug reports are better posted on GitHub.

Btw. I started my Windows VM to test this. I then uninstalled the Nextcloud client and did a restart and now Windows is installing updates of course… :wink: I will report back with the result once Windows is back up and running…

So finally I tested it… And yes you’re right. With a resolution of 1920x1080 and a scaling factor of a 150% the account setup window is indeed to big and the buttons on the bottom right are not visible. If you set the scaling factor to a 125% or to a 100% it’s fine.

In my humble opinion this is not actually a bug but certainly something that could be improved. So you could make a feature request on GitHub with the title: “Optimize Account setup dialog for high screen scaling factors” or similiar… Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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Thank you for the link! I appreciate it.

Yes I agree that it’s not a showstopper, but it’s a flaw, and I wanted to document it before it gets lost. Probably requires setting the height value using a different parameter. On normal usage I’d never see it again, but it might stop someone who isn’t so persistent.

BY THE WAY I looked for a bug tracker a few days ago and couldn’t find it in the documentation or with a few searches. Another flaw?

I’ll get logged into GitHub and file a bug later.

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There is a link to the Bug Tracker / GitHub on their main site… Not sure about the documentation though, never looked for it there… But yeah sure, if it is missing in the official documentation, it certainly would be an improvement, if they would add it…

Unfortunatelly the software developers (Microsoft included) never mind about the recent and older display resolutions.
On older computers 768 or 800 pixels height still is standard, but setup- and dialog windows very often have 800px and more height.
New displays have such a high resolution (3k and more), that the display content must be scaled by 150% and more to be readable., But the dialogs do not fit on screen anymore, too.

Well, I never filed a bug about the installer. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, spouse has not shown any interest in trying it (too much else going on) so I will probably uninstall NextCloud from our server account. Maybe I’ll try again in a few months.

My solution for the same problem (Windows): Alt-Space to open the window menu and by the option move (“Verschieben”) you can move the window with the cursor key out of the visible area and will see the “missing” buttons …

Thank you for the work-around. Maybe it will help someone (maybe even me?) next time it comes up!

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