Windows-Desktop-Client - Sync folder at multiple Harddisks

I’m a Nexcloud Newbie :slight_smile:
Nextcloud is running at an extern server (Hetzner, Germany).
So for sync I’m using NX-Win-Desktop.
Root is as usual something like “c:\user\xyz\nextcloud”.
I saw I coud add folders for sync outside this root directory like “c:\scans”.

Now my question:
If I add a path like “D:\old_backup” at an other HDD for sync with a lot of files: will this files sync back to my path “c:\user\xyz\nextcloud” so that I have 3 versions of the same file (at D, C and Nextcloud-Server)?
Of course I want only 2 versions = one at “D” and one at “Nextcloud-Server”
Thank you for hints!!!

For every NC replication entry you can choose which directories should sync.

So you can replicate

server/docs > c:\user\xyz\nextcloud (uncheck scans)
server/scans > d:\scans (check scans only)

this way you will replicate content of specific directories on the server to different client locations. And adding another replication setting is the same - you can control what is the destination to replicate the files…

If you setup e.g.
server/docs > D:\old_backup
this will result in files from D:\old_backup replicated to server/docs and in a second step to c:\user\xyz\nextcloud

if you just want to upload d:\old_backup to the server just setup another server directory and uncheck this directory for other “folder sync connections”

server/docs > c:\user\xyz\nextcloud (uncheck scans, uncheck old_backups)
server/scans > d:\scans (check scans only)
server/old_backup > D:\old_backup (check old_backup only)