Windows Desktop Client - Always overwrite on conflicts

We have the special case that the users don’t have access to the desktop client, because it’s running on a server and the files are shared via a network share. So the problem is that the users don’t get notified when a conflict on the desktop client on the server appears.

Is there an option to tell the client to always sync the files? And if possible just overwrite the server version - I know that this could lead to data loss? (it will be the only desktop client with such a flag in our environment) Of course this won’t be possible if the server file is in LOCKED state.

We also tried it via WebDAV already but had performance problems. And we guess that it will be about the same for the virtual folder the nextcloud client offers today. Does these use webdav too or is it a own implementation?

I found the flag “OWNCLOUD_UPLOAD_CONFLICT_FILES=1” which need to be set as an environment variable on the system which have the nextcloud client running. But it tells something about “In the future” so I’m not sure if this flag is already implemented in the nextcloud client? - Conflicts — Nextcloud Client Manual 3.3.6 documentation

Is there any other option we could try?

A local sync on each users “terminal computer” is out of bounds because it would mean that these 30GB of data has to be synced with like 8-10 clients and all these running on the same server it would be a huge waste of data space and also traffic.