Windows Desktop Client 3.0.0 is Missing the Activity Tab

I installed the Nextcloud Desktop Client Version 3.0.0 (Windows). The “Activity” tab is missing. There is a “Main Dialog”, but that only shows the server info, not the local info. And the documentation shows that the Activity tab should still be present.

I kind a “solved” it by reverting to version 2.6.5 which can be downloaded from :
I had the same issue with 3.0.0 and also with 3.0.1 and do not like the small letters in the system tray pop-up. Something else is that I had messages about conflicting sync activities and that I could click on the messages. Clicking, clicking but nothing happened. I do not like the new interface.


the same problem happens on my Windows 10 PC with NC client 3.2.0. When clicking on system tray icon, a new NC icon is shown in taskbar without the main dialog.
I have conflicted files and I want to resolve the conflicts. But, I have no access to those files.
In Setting Dialog I can see the olive bar saying about conflicted files (click here). I am clicking with the same result.
I am also agree with JackV. The old interface was simpler and better. Maybe, we can have the option to choose between these two interfaces.