Windows Desktop Case Clash Resolving doesn't work

I have two files with the same name but diffrent casing on my server so the desktop client on windows shows a conflict. When I open the dialogue to fix the confict,enter a new name for the file and click Ok ok get’s greyed out and nothing happens. Even after waiting for several minutes nothing happens the windows just stays there open with ok greyed out until I click cancel.

Maybe renaming it on your server will solve the issue.

Maybe but that still means that something broken somewhere (not really sure if this is a bug or some other issue) and it won’t solve the underlying issue if it happens again.

Maybe it’s related to this issue… [Bug]: in the case clash resolver, the name of the existing folder is missing · Issue #6011 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

…and this one: Attention possible case sensitive clash - no conflict resolution provided · Issue #3277 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

Maybe it is but I don’t think so the first issue about the name of the exising folder not showing up, which it does for me so it’s not that issue. And I think for the second one the option to resolve the confilct never shows up in the first place, so also probably not the same issue.

I’m not saying that it is exactly the same issue, but they might be related. But regardless of that, it would most likely be helpful if you reported your specific issue by either adding a comment to the existing issue or opening a new issue.