Windows client won't download certain files

first of all, there’s too many categories, how am i supposed to select “correct” one ??

secondly, i can see files i’ve uploaded on another machine … i can see these files through the web client. so show them

but windows client does not

i’ve selected “Make always available locally” for this and all parent folders and still the files aren’t here

i have also clicked “Force sync now” and the files are still not present on windows machine

how do i debug this ?

i have uploaded files on linux, and they are available on my android device but not windows

this might be a duplicate of this issue: Nexstcloud 23 and Windows client 3.4.1 do not sync reliably - #3 by KimmoJ

server version: Nextcloud Hub II (23.0.0)
client version: 3.4.0
windows: 10.0.19044

yes, there is loads of “desktop client problem” threads … it’s probably best to disable it for the time being.

can somebody confirm this bug and give us an ETA as it’s quite important feature and i’ve grown to rely on it a lot