Windows Client: Sync issue/Timeout


I have a sync issue with only one folder.
The folder contains DNG/RAW files, 10-20 MB
If I modify the files in e.g. Lightroom, they won’t get synced. The sync starts but on some point a file fails.
If I then try to restart the sync the sync just won’t start and after some time I see for a short time a connection timeout message in the client (Zeitüberschreitung bei Verbindung).

The only way to fix it is to manually create the same stat locally and on the server by either deleting files that are different or by uploading them via web interface.

I also tried to pause syncronization while working on the files but the issue reappeared as soon as I turned on sync again.

I also deleted file locks from database. The NC log does not show any message in the time of the issue.

WIndows App: 2.5.3 daily
NC Server: 16.0.3

Hi Thor,

I think I may have the same problem.
I got a photo folder with almost 7000 files and 7GB in files up to 2MB and some larger (short videos).
The folder stopped syncing couple of weeks ago, and makes the sync fail overall. Only GUI error is “operation canceled” but the logs on the client say something about timeout on the sync. It’s only this folder as far as I can tell.
The folder doesn’t open in the web gui either, the wait icon spins indefinietly.

Have you found any solution since August?

My issue was, that in the Client Version the processing of special charachters like äöü was broken. But this issue was solved in some later version.

Maybe someone can help if you post the client log here.