Windows Client Shutting Down

Hello. My current setup:

Nextcloud: v23.0.0
Host installation: Baremetal on-premise running Ubuntu server v20.04 LTS
Windows 10 guest on-premise running NC client v3.4.2

I did a little houskeeping yesterday on a folder located at C:\users\peter\Windows.Old
I compressed (winrar) all files in the individual folders in preparation for a move to the NC server
Total file / folder size: approx 30GB

I can see the file / folder structure in Windows explorer and when verifiying the properties it appears that the size is accurate. Almost all of the files / folders have the sync symbol to the right of them.

The Windows client icon in the taskbar keep disappearing. I will start it up again and it will vanish a few seconds later. When logging into my Dashboard via a browser and heading over to the folder that I created there called Windows.Old there is only one folder that exists on that location. So, it seems obvioius to me that synchronization process has ceased.

Uninstalling and re-installing the desktop client does not help. Nor does restarting both guest and host.

Your guidance and assistance would be greatly appreciated. Peter

Windows.Old WIN10_Guest_2022-02-07

I would start looking for client local issues. First check the log file if you see some problems (logs are located in %appdata%\Nextcloud\logs) or could be exported from the client:


maybe you find open Github issues with similar behavior e.g. because anti-virus program blocked access to files:

if previous troubleshooting steps don’t point you into success try completely removing you local database (.sync_<random value>.db-wal .sync_<random value>.db-shm and .sync_<random value>.db in your local NC directory) or local Nextcloud directory - sometimes this becomes corrupted.

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Thank you very much @wwe Much appreciated. Peter