Windows Client Notifications request/improvement/problem

Hi support and users,

I have a NextcloudPI Server here and very happy with it but the Windows Client would be better to use with some changes in notification part.

case: User 1 sends something to the cloud
if User 2 has client online, receives Notification but is missing it he has to open the client and check the synchronisation protocol.
But if he restart/shutdown PC/Client synchronisation protocol is empty.

could it be possible to have the protocol never/manually cleaned? or shows last 20 or better an option to set last xx files ?

We need this very often… Had used a shared Dropbox account and missing the notification and protocol stuff

second request is: would it be possible that a click on notification opens folder of the file?

thank you very much for all your time and work on Nextcloud

hmm is this the wrong place or why is there no answer after one month?
could not be that we are the only one that would like to have this in the client…

or is it better to post this in client part at github?

Try it :wink: I also suggested there an enhancement, but still no answer :confused:
Ping @camila since she is the maintainer for this repo I think.