Windows client needs authentification after each boot up

Hi all

After booting up my Windows 10 machine, the nextcloud client does not automatically connect:

Each time, I need to manually connect the client. When I do so, the browser opens and shows the “grant access” page. After granting access, all is fine until the next boot. How can I avoid granting access on each boot up?

Client version: 3.6.0

Thanks for any hints!

Hi. Create an APP password for it instead.

Thanks for the hint! The problem persists even with the app token!

ok, this seems to be a known bug, see github:

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However it is not “consistent”. I do not exsperience this with any of my devices, but others do. Seems to be related by something “external” and not the actual code base. Not that it should be ignored, but I cannot give you any good answers, as I cannot replicate this on any devices here.