Windows-Client login with mail address produces login attempts

Hi all,

when a user set up his Nextcloud Windows client with his mail address as login name, the Nextcloud “Logging App” in the backend continuously logs failed login attempts followed by a successful login. The warnings doesn’t appear when using the username instead of the mail address. It should be good if also the mail address as username shouldn’t produce such log entries. The attached screenshot show the logs entries.

This seems related to Dont create a log entry on email login by nickvergessen · Pull Request #3043 · nextcloud/server · GitHub and Warning logged when logging in with an email address and password. · Issue #2631 · nextcloud/server · GitHub but those issues are related to the Webclient.

Nextcloud-Server: 12.0.4

referring to the documentation login is supported with username, only.
so it’s a nice side-effect that you could login with your emailaddress as well.

since you found some github-issues for that as well, so why not marking this as solved?

I would not say it is a nice side effect, as this will make the log explode. If it is not supported with the mail address, it shouldn’t be allowed then. The user doesn’t know using the mail address will lead to massive entries in the log.

since you found some github-issues for that as well, so why not marking this as solved?

The Github issues are for the Webclient only.

well my users never came up with the idea of using their emailaddress as login-credentials… they use their username. which makes them good users, right? :wink:

so if you don’t like the term “side-effect” call it an “inconsistency” instead. and maybe you want to file an issue on github about it as well as telling your users to use the NC-username for logging in?


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Thanks the reply. The user switched to the username now.

As Nextcloud follows an unified user interfaces intention, the login with the mail address should also be possible without the logging issue. The webclient also allows it.

So creating an issue for Nextcloud at Github is the correct way to give it a try?

yes. don’t be too shy… :wink: