Windows Client keeps chrashing

i facing an issue on my Window 10 maschine. After updating to 3.13.0 the client crashes on every start.
I try to reinstall the client completly → no changes
I delete (move) the data dir and try a complete new sync, → crash again.
The whole sync dir is about 55GB.
On my windows 11 maschine the client seems to work normal.
I checked the debug information, but i can’t see any issue there. Everything seems normal.
Anyone else facing the same issue?
Are there any possible solutions yet?
What else can I do?

I too am getting continuous crashes. If I pause syncing it will not crash, but doesn’t do anything useful, either. I use 3.13.0 on my windows 10 box. The client prepares the list of files to sync, but crashes and exits when it tries to transfer them. I’ve upgraded my server from NC25 to NC26, and now NC27 hoping it was just that my server version was old. This hasn’t changed anything for me. I’ not sure what kind of logs I can gather that will help. This is new. It has worked for me for years.

Downgrading to 3.12.4 seems to have fixed the problem for me.

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Same here, downgrading helps.

We already files a bug, but nothing happens:

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Are both on external storage. Because the bug report states it was crashing on Win 11.

I mark the link to the github issue as answer. With the bank holidays, possibly quite a few people have taken a few days off I suppose. If they start to work on other issues and just not on this one, we can try to ping them.

On the Win11 Maschine, where the Client didn’t crash, the storage is on the locale drive.
It seems that the crash is caused by the external drive.

Same here 3.13.0 on Windows 10 with 27.1.9snap1 server.
Same as sparks-n-chips : do not crash on pause, seems to crash on first file sync.

Strange behavior: unchecks folders are still analysed before starting sync.

I’ll try downgrading to 3.12.4