Windows client has problems when up/downloading big files (>4GB)

When up/downloading these big files the process breaks with about 4GB up/downloaded. I get a message “broken webserver returning emty content lenght”. After a while the client rescans the folders and the process starts again.

Funnily when uploading, the file is mostly complete on the server, but the client is of another opinion and restarts uploading.

The download part is another thing. Here no file exists in the local folder after the broken connection. The client restarts endlessly downloading after the progress bar has ended at 100%.

Tried all tips here and on Google I can find:

upload_max_filesize = 32G
post_max_size = 32800M
memory_limit = 512M
max_input_time = -1
max_execution_time = 3600

upload_max_filesize = 32G
post_max_size = 32800M


Any ideas?

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Just to eliminate this possible mistake: the partition you are downloading to is not formatted in FAT32, right?
While FAT32 only allows file sizes of max 4GB this could be a reason why the download stop - if you download to a USB stick for example.

Thank you for the fast reply, Schmu!

The partition is formatted in ext3 on the server side, on the client side it is NTFS.

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What a shame the problem wasn’t that easy :grin:

What version of

are you using?
What’s the OS nextcloud runs on?

Which client to download/ upload the files are you using and what is the version of that client?

Nextcloud: V10.0
PHP: 5.6.27
Apache 2.4.10

nextcloud runs on raspbian jessie light 4.4.26-v7+

The windows client is: 2.2.4 (build 2)

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PHP-32 has its limit at 2GB.

Another limit may be a wrong WebDAV setting on the client computer but this is a different error message as stated above.

It seems that my PHP is running as 32 bit :disappointed:

But why can I then up/download files up to ~4GB?

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I now have adapted the php.ini settings (like above) and aditionally aproblem with the upload_tmp folder. I now have routed it to /media/nextcloud_data/upload_tmp on a external HDD. Now I can upload files with 8GB to the server without problems with the webclient. 32 bit on php can not be a limit.

The problem with the windows client still exists. The download interrupts on different positions and then a new download begins. It seems that the new download appends to the formerly downloaded part. So with three or four retries I probably get the files downloaded with the client. But I have to check this.

What I have seen is, that sometimes the progress bar and the text say that the download is complete. Then something happens in the background (copying the file chunks to the complete file?) and before this is completely at the end, the client begins looking for new or edited files and restarts the same download, because it hasen’t found the ready file.

I think there is the problem with the client. It not recognizes, that the transaction isn’t completed, and starts the next scan.

I make further tests and keep you informed.

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Any news on this problem?

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