Windows client doesnt load ios camera roll

Hey guys,

im stuck with a problem, and therefore am really thankfull for any help at all.
My Nextcloud client (on Win10) doesnt download Data from the Nextcloud server(Raspberry Pi).

First off all i should mention, usually everything works pretty well. Uploading and downloading from different devices is no problem at all. But few days ago i was keen whether the “automatically upload new Foto” function on my Nextloud iPhone App would be cool. And yes, everything worked out fine. I was even able to integrate the data into my MacBook Fotos App.
The problem occured on my PC. The folders are synced correctly, but they are completely empty. No data in it. I did try the obvious stuff: stopp sync, delete folder, start sync (same problem again).
I was thinking, could the problem occur due the data Format? But there are some jpg´s for sure in the data Pool, they should have synced at least.

I hope i decribed everything understandable, and there is no important information missing (which probably is). Please ask for missing stuff.

Thanks alot for any attempt to help!

I use this feature on mine, and it does work. Make sure on your desktop client that it has not unchecked the folder for syncing because of the size. By default new folders over a certain size will not sync unless you check the box.

That is not the problem im afraid. I do have the setting unchecked, but its about asking for permission if files are bigger then x mb, and since i dont want the software to ask me, unchecked is correct.
Still… why are these photos not donwloaded, i dont get it?

please help :slight_smile:


still hoping for help. But i got new information:

  • i tried copyig one of the automatic uploaded camera roll folders and pasting it somewhere else on my nextcloud. Still no recognition from my Desktop Nextloud Client.
  • i did try converting all my pictures into .jpg, no difference at all
  • *my client shows me an information box saying (translated from german into english): *
    data from the ignore list or symbolic lists do n… unfortunetly its cutt off at that point. But its not hard to guess its something about the problem im having. Especially since the folder of my concern the auto upload folder gets mentioned in that info.

Please help! How do i get to see the full info? How do i enable the sync in this situation?