Windows client delayed startup problem

I am using the NC client on Windows 10 on a four computers, and always update when requested to do so. (currently version 3.8.0)

On one computer however, since a couple of weeks, I run into a problem: It takes 2-3 minutes after system start up before the NC starts synchronisation. Internet access and server availability are not the problem, I checked.

I do see they grey NC symbol in the notification area soon after start-up, but then nothing happens for minutes.

What could this be? Is there perhaps a hidden setting somewhere that delays syncing?

Hi Kuifje,
did you find a solution to this problem?
I have the same issue with my Windows nextcloud client. Whenever the system starts up (normal or after restart) I have to wait about 3-4 minutes with nextlcoud icon grayed. During this time the windows explorer cannot start. Seems that this problem is related to nextcloud api connected to file system of my PC which checks for file sync.
Note that this happens only in one pc. In my laptop it works fine. In addition the ownlcoud client works fine as well in both computers.

I have not found a solution, unfortunately, but just live with it. I just check whether the icon is green before doing anything important. Sometimes it is green immediately, sometimes it takes longer (but not always a constant time period), up to minutes.

I have not observed an associated problem with windows explorer, unlike you.