Windows client crashes on upload

I’m using 3.7.4 on windows 10. I have a few machines in this config, most of which work fine. Server is 25.0.3 and runs on bullseye. Client machines on same LAN, using the same account.

On one of the windows clients, the client app immediately crashes on trying to upload a newly created or modified file, though it can download newly created or modified files from the other clients. The crashy client can create and remove folders, and create zero-byte files, but anything non-zero in length seem to crash it immediately.

Steps I’ve taken:

  • Reinstall client, resync
  • Remove client and roll back to 3.6.6, resync
  • Remove client, Remove stored windows credentials, reinstall client, resync
  • Above plus remove entire synced folder structure, resync
  • Remove client, Remove stored windows credentials, rename local machine,reinstall client

I’m stumped. Welcome suggestions.


Oh, I also revoked permissions in the web interface.

you have the directory: %appdata%\nextcloud of the affected user before reinstalling?

You can also create a debug archive with the client under Settings - General. You may find a hint to this problem in the log data.

Yes I did. I’ll try removing that now and see what happens.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I had very little remaining hair to pull out.