Windows Client constantly scanning for changes (500GB data set)

Greetings forum gurus. I’m in need of advice…

I’m in the process of converting a customer from Dropbox to Nextcloud. I’ve installed version 12 and updated it to 12.02. It passes all security checks etc with an A+ rating.

I’m concerned that my data set is too large? Their data consists of a folder sitting on a NAS that contains about 550GB of Data with a lot of files and folders. I have mapped a drive from a Windows file server to the NAS, installed the Nextcloud client software for Windows and pointed it at that mapped drive. Users at the home office add files to the NAS via an SMB share. The Nextcloud client picks up the changes and adds the files to the Nextcloud server. Next, shared data from Nextcloud is then pushed out to clients at remote locations (shared via Nextcloud).

The initial sync completed (it took a good 15 hours), but then the Nextcloud client for Windows started the “scanning for changes” again. Is this normal behavior for the client software? It takes a very long time for it to scan all the files and folders, and it appears that it doesn’t update the Nextcloud server data until after the scan.

I’ve tested this on my own Nextcloud server, and it does appear that the Windows client performs a scan after a file has been added or modified. In my case it’s no problem because the scan lasts about a second. This is not the case with my client’s large data set of 500GB. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Jason Neumann


Having the same issue with a similar setup. Any ideas?

I have the same issue with Nextcloud Client Version 2.3.3 (build 84) on Mac OS X 10.10.5 accessing a Nextcloud Server 13.0.6.

My initial sync lasts already more than 48 hours without having completed yet. I have around 600 GB of data to be synchronized from a Nextcloud Server. The data source is external to the Nextcloud Server and accessed via ssh.