Windows client connection error: "failed to connect to Nextcloud at http://{ip}:{port}/owncloud./status.php"


After having installed the windows desktop client, when I try to connect to a new account, I get the error message "Failed to connect to Nextcloud at http://{ip}:{port}/owncloud/status.php: Error transferring http://{ip}:{port}/owncloud/status.php - server replied: Not Found.

What makes me wonder at first ist that the reqeusted folder is called “owncloud”. This folder is not present on my server. My installation is inside the “nextcloud” folder. There is also the “status.php” file.

What is the right way to fix this behaviour - shall I move my installation from /nextcloud to /owncloud or shall I change some setting on the server (or in the client)?

Thanks in advance!

When the client doesn’t find a status.php at your given URL, there is a fall-back to check in a owncloud/-subfolder:

Don’t forget to put the nextcloud-subfolder in the URL.

Ah! That was it! Thanks, perfect!

hi tflidd

I am a new user of nextcloud and a starter in linux/raspberrypi

WHat do you mean by “don’t forget to put the nextcloud-subfolder in the URL.”

How do I do this.

My server was working like a charm and suddently it started with the /status.php error.

Now I can’t acess the server from anywhere. I really don’t want to install everything from start… I’ve sync about 300 Gb in two days…

help is appreciated

If the client asks your server address the URL is