Windows Client causing Explorer problems

I have NextcloudPi installed on a new Raspberry Pi 4, and having no issues with it at all. However, on my main rig, which is running Windows 7 Pro, when I install the Windows desktop client it is causing Windows Explorer to lock up. It seems to happen more when I use the right click menu (to copy, cut, paste, etc), however, it sometimes will keep Explorer from opening at all. The only remedy is to close all instances of Explorer through the Task Manager, then restart Explorer. Then the locking up started again. This has happened on the last 2 versions of the Windows Desktop Client. I uninstalled the desktop client and the problem was resolved. Any idea of why this might be happening? I love NextCloud, but if I can’t access the files it doesn’t do me much good. Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @atrdriver

which client version?

Is it still possible to not install explorer integration while setup?
If so please try without.

I am using ver 2.6.2 of the Desktop client, but it happened with 2.6.1 as well. I don’t know if it is possible to exclude Explorer integration, I will check on that and let you know.

also make sure to restart the computer. Did do remove the old version before?

Yes I restarted the computer, and the new version of the desktop client uninstalled the old version before installing the new version. So far it appears that installing without explorer integration as worked, although I will find out more today as I will need to move quite a few files using the right click menu, so I will let you know if that was the complete fix. I appreciate the responses :slight_smile:

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OK, I copied and pasted about 2000 files today, using the right click copy and paste, and it didn’t lock up explorer once, so I guess that was the trick. Once again, thanks to all!!

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