Windows client 3.2.0 : impossible to select which folder to sync/not sync


With this last version I cannot “tick” which folder I want to sync or not sync.

Please advise!!

The ticks are back if I install 3.1.3:
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Hello @guilamu ,

which platform? Windows?

Please enable log for the client and look for errors.

Windows Client. It seems to be a new “feature” of 3.2.

And let me tell you this is horrible from a UI standpoint.

And it’s also not working, I can’t synchronize my Crytomators folders anymore with 3.2.

Went back to 3.1.3 and everything is back to working as it should.

Good luck fixing 3.2+

And let me tell you I don’t care about such unspecific statement.
Add details and even better make suggestions about improving things.

Not needed.
It needs good developers and helpful users who contribute details to the fix. “And it’s also not working” is just too … :unamused:

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Sorry if I was being rude.

What I mean is: ticking what you want to sync and not sync is so easy and obvious. This new way to do things is quite confusing.

I can’t figure out a way to sync a folder (real sync, not just visualy see files that are not there since 2.3).

I’ll try this feature again in a few months.

Thanks for your work.

@guilamu, I think those Screenshots might help in figuring out how to disable the virtual file support:

Thanks for your reply.

For some reason I never had this first screen.

And after that, when I tried “Make always available locally”, which I guess really download the files so you can actually use them, it never downloaded them.

This sounds like a bug to me.

Another possibility is to click on Disable virtual file support…

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Thanks for your reply.

Another possibility is to click on Disable virtual file support…

I guess this should be the default setting at least for a while so people can test it a bit when they have time and not break production environnements.

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