Windows 11 app not possible to connect to nextcloud - internal error

Have two users and in windows 11 app there is really problems adding them. I tried many times before I succeed with admin account, and the other user account not possible. Gives internal error message. It works in chrome, edge and other through web adress, android and ipad, but not win11 app (Version 3.7.3 (Windows).

Using duckdns adress


Do you have more details from the logs?
Is it a specific Windows 11 problem, so clients on Windows 10 work?

Not shure what to search for in the log. Is it log in windows 11? Or in docker that runs nextcloud?

Don’t have windows 10, so not shure if there is a problem there.

Since I got 1/2 users into the client I have tried MANY times to get the last one into the client, and finally succeded with no errors :slight_smile: