Windows 11 and Nextcloud

Hi Everybody,

I recently received the Windows 11 upgrade and now I’m experiencing problems with my local installed Nextcloud App. Everything worked fine on my laptop with Windows 10 but after the upgrade to Windows 11 the Nextcloud App seams to be disappeared to my surprise.

I tried to fixed it with the Setup Wizard Repair option in de the Windows configuration but I get a message saying that the network resource is unavailable. The installation program is asking now for the Nextcloud-3.3.0-x64.msi file.

I downloaded that package but I still don’t see my Nextcloud map structure in my Windows file manager.

Does anyone have the same experience? What could be wrong here?

Best regards, Wim

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The best is to check directly with the developers. It’s still a preview and it would be great to have full support for this new version. There is already a bug report:

Only join this report if you have the same issues, open a new one if it is different.

Win 11 is Dev-only right now.

Hi, your solution does not refere to the topic issued by Wim1. It’s not about installation of nextcloud - it is about the already installed client which crashes. I face the problem even with installing Win11 from scratch and having an fresh install of nextcloud.

The issue relates to the feature “using support for virtual files”.

Solution 1: “deactivated support for virtual files”

  • does work for me!
  • the cldapi does have problems with virtuale files and big folders

Solution 2: "Wait for a fix for the issue discussed e.g. here:


I want to add that this happening to me as well. Have the new Oct 5th Win 11 version. I did a fresh install of the NextCloud desktop app and it disappears as well, so I have to keep starting it manually

I’m hoping there is a fix soon.

I have the same issue. Is Windows 11 supported yet?

not yet. See Add Windows 11 Support · Issue #3405 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub