Windows 10 / Window 10 Mobile client for Tasks

Hi there,

is there any application (not Outlook) that can sync the tasks over WebDAV (or maybe using EAS/Z-Push) to Windows 10, ideally also to Windows 10 Mobile?


I’m still searching also for such an client

I am also searching for the same thing for my HP Spectre x360 laptop I have also asked on hp Canada support but yet not get the response from there. It would be very nice if I the solution from here.

Task syncing to phones went away with Outlook 2010 when it was still Windows Mobile. You may find a 3rd party solution but I’m not aware of any. Use Mac Data Recovery service for instant help regarding Mac data.

try tasks app… it would snyc with CalDav since it’s connected to a calendar under NC (to sync it to your local client - Thunderbird, Evolution, KDE Kontact, iCal…)

edit: maybe you could even snyc it directly to win 10 calendar