Win desktop, could not access conflicts files list after massive sync

I just had to resync my whole folder (100GB 20k files), everything works fine but at the end I got an “unresolved conflict” message that tell me to look below in the file list. But the list is huge (all the 20k sync are logged here) and it’s already scrolled half away, so if the info is somewhere in the list it will take me forever to find them. Only up/down and mouse scroll work, the tiny scrollbar could not be moved, home, end, page up/down keys don’t work ever. The search bar is also useless.

Is there a way to get the conflicted files list and display the resolve conflict button ? Clear the list, a shortkey, a log file, … ?

Clicking on the button/badge should open the list of conflicting files. Anything listed is a conflict there: Conflicts — Nextcloud Client Manual 3.12.50 documentation

There is also some logging: Appendix C: Troubleshooting — Nextcloud Client Manual 3.12.50 documentation

Why did you have to re-sync everything? If your conflict list is actually huge itself, some context might give some clues as to what is going on.

I had to resync due to this bug Windows Client keeps chrashing

I tried to click on all possible buttons, they all bring me back to the popup windows with infinite sync log, scrolling to top/bottom take forever, the search bar is useless. The “tiny neraly invisible” scroll bar is not draggable.

Anyway after restarting the app, the scroll list returns the last events. Strangely it was not a conflict that block the sync but forbidden char problems.

My 2c :
improve the scrolling navigation (navigation with keys, bigger and draggable scrollbar) , add filter/ sort option. Fix the yellow message text

Thanks for the doc