Win 10 Desktop Share with NextCloud

Hello everyone,
I installed on my computer NextCloud (We use it at work) and I noticed that I should have a share with NextCloud option to share the content with another our NextCloud user.
Version that I am using:

The share that I am talking about is when I right click on the file there sould be an option as NextCloud or Share with NextCloud.

Any advice and recommendations are welcome.

Best regards,

You will need to be a little more specific. Your description sounds like you installed Nextcloud server on a Windows desktop.

Is the file you’re right clicking under the Nextcloud folder?

I installed the desktop version for 100%. I needed to put the server address in and then the username and password.

I have one disk drive (5gb of data) wich is synchonized with NextCloud.

And yes the file that I am right clicking is under the NexCloud folder (It is synchronizing into cloud).

Sorry for lack of information.

if i understood you right:
you want to share 1 file from your desktop with another user (using the same server), right?

so you need to put the file you want to share into the nextcloud-directory of your desktop (and wait until it got uploaded).
after successful upload rightclick on exactly that file and chose “share with nextcloud” you then can enter several options… (only working for files that are in your nextcloud-directory on your pc)

last: copy link to clipboard and then send that link via email or messenger to the person who should receive it.

Yes, you understood it right.

The file is in the NextCloud directory and the file is also synchronized in the cloud (if I login into the web interface I can see the file there also).
But when I right click on the file there is no Share with NextCloud option. And here is the problem. As I know there should be a Share with NextCloud or NextCloud option wich I dont have.

Thanks gys for your help. I solved the problem and I still dont know where it was the problem.
First I tried with older version of NextCloud (uninstalled the previous never one). It worked.
Second I downloaded the latest version and installed it (deleted the older version). It worked.

I also checked and I was logged in NextCloud before also. So I dont have a real explanation what was the problem.

Thanks again and have a good time :slight_smile: