Win 10 desktop client: No connection possible

Tried to setup the NC Desktop Client on a Win10 machine.
Entered the servers address => error: “No connection possible. Unknown error”.

I think its the same bug the iOS and Android App have. I cant login, neither on iOS, Android and now with the Desktop Client.

But no one cares and solves the problem.

Win10 1909
NC client: latest

Please test it with a Nextcloud Demo Account.

Generate at:
Address is: or
(look in th url/domain in your browser address field)
User: very long generated user-id e.g. b9Zy9JYxjzEypHHo
Password: demo

Please post screenshots and errors for this user.

This works. But to be honest, I did not expect any errors with the manufacturer’s server. But that’s not the real world off 1000 Nextcloud installations.

So any ideas how to solve the problem

Maybe contacting the admin of the cloud can help?
The other way: provide the information requested in the support form.

I`m the admin. Shared webspace resp. Nextcloud provider.