Will nextCloud suite this usage scenario?

With the closure of CrashPlan Home / Family I am looking at alternatives and am considering setting up my own, simple DIY cloud at a family members house for off-site backups. Wondering if nextCloud will suite the requirements below and haven’t been able to find answers to all the points.

  • Store raw files for easy restore using native OS file systems / browsers. (i.e. unencrypted and not chunk, blocks, or another format that would require nextCloud to other special software to read)
  • Be able to “bulk load” an external hard drive locally than can then be taken to the remote location and connect to nextCloud to do further incremental backups to.

Versioning and de-duplication are not something I’m interested in at this time.

Well, nextcloud is not a backup system, in any way. It does keep older versions of files but only for a limited time and storage (at most 50% of storage is dedicated to old versions) and it syncs changes, that is, if a user deletes a file on their desktop it gets deleted on Nextcloud. They will be able to find it in the trash in Nextcloud but that, too, is restricted in size.

You still would need a backup solution for Nextcloud itself.

So it might be able to do most of what you want but be careful - it is NOT a backup solution!

Thanks, and I definitely understand it is not intended at a real backup solution. I am investigating ways to get my local backups off-site as an alternative to paying for raw cloud storage space, which would have similar features to nextCloud in terms of just dumping files to it. This would just be an off-site copy in addition to my several local backups. I looked at GoodSync but I would prefer not to use proprietary software.

I do versioning of important files in my local NAS and other backups, so again not worried about having nextCloud handle it. Hoping to be able to bulk load a copy of all the most important files onto an external drive either with the OS filesystem tools or via a local instance of nextCloud (if necessary) and then transport that to a remote location and connect to a next Cloud instance there to continue future, incremental backups. Only want to essentially mirror what I have locally.

Is that possible with nextCloud? Would I need to transfer the nextCloud db along with the initial seed of files?

Also, does nextCloud store the original files or some form of blocks or chunks?

  1. Yes.
  2. No, you can re-scan the storage
  3. No, it stores them as original files and if you mount something as external storage (which can be just a directory on your local FS), directly modifying files is actually SUPPORTED, Nextcloud will check for changes. Don’t do this on primary storage (the nextcloud/data folder) as that is not scanned automatically, though you can run a scan manually with the occ command.

My own use case here: I have a server with a big bunch of drives. It has ‘old’ files from me, like movies, music, pictures I took over the years, all in various folders. I have mounted some of the drives via NFS to my desktop computer.

On the server there’s also Nextcloud, which has mounted a number of these folders as external storage and has the rest of my data in primary storage. I can modify files over NFS or via Nextcloud, makes no difference.