Will Nextcloud block remote desktop connections?

I have set up my first home desktop linux machine. I have installed NextCloud 13 on it. I would also like the ability to remote desktop into my linux machine using my windows laptop.

I tried doing this using this tutorial for the Remote Desktop Protocol, but it won’t work.

Is this perhaps because of my NextCloud server or something like that? Would the security features for NextCloud that prevent someone accessing the cloud server through a bare IP adddress etc perhaps be blocking the remote desktop connection?

@thedonquixotic nope. Remote Desktop access is purely on an OS level. Which distro are you using? I am assuming Ubuntu? Have you checked the firewall settings on Ubuntu to allow for that connection to that machine?

Also, are you trying from your LAN first? And I assume you used the xrdp part of that tutorial?

Easiest way to check if it it the firewall, is to disable it completely and see if it works then. Remember to enable it again after you have tested it?

This is definitely no NC issue.
I have a Ubuntu desktop hosted by a Hyper-V VM and was also struggling with RDP. The only way to make this work was the scripts which can be found here: https://github.com/Microsoft/linux-vm-tools
Be aware that many things are Hyper-V specific in these scripts (e.g. hv_sock), so you shouldn’t simply execute these scripts on you machine. But it could be a good starting point for enabling RDP sessions on Ubuntu.

I haven’t tried it over LAN though I’m not sure how that works?

I also did the xrdp part of the tutorial. Though I just installed it. I didn’t run it or anything. The tutorial didn’t say anything about that though.

Cool thank you :slight_smile:

Also I ended up finding out about Team Viewer and I’m using that now no problems. It’s not an open source solution like I’d like but it was extremely easy to set up.

I just forgot to mention this website: http://c-nergy.be/blog/?cat=79
Somewhat specialized for XRDP/Ubuntu.

But your’re right: TeamViewer should be an alternative here and can be setup with ease.