Will local caching on local application server reduce bandwidth?

I am currently running Nextcloud 10 with two application servers and a single data server on my local subnet. The speed is fine since there aren’t many users, so I don’t intend to enable caching for speed at this time. However, the internet connection is somewhat unreliable and uploads are slow. I want to provide reliable remote file access, so I plan to migrate the data server and primary application server to a collocated server in a data center. I’m hoping to reduce bandwidth consumption on the collocated server to make sure that I don’t incur overages. I routinely place large files in my user directory and sync to over 10 computers, most of which are on a single local subnet, so I would prefer to avoid downloading the same file 10 times from the remote server. If I enable local caching on an application server that is on the local subnet, will large files be cached on the first download to reduce the download bandwidth required for clients that are configured to use the local application server rather than the collocated server? Is this the preferred way to accomplish this? I have full root control of all the machines, so if there’s a better solution, I’m open to ideas.

Nextcloud version 10.0.1
Operating system and version Centos 7
Apache or nginx version 2.4.18
PHP version 7.0.8