Will desktop clients from owncloud continue to work if I migrate from OC9 to NC11?

Hello, I run a small server for family use, currently with OC9, and I was thinking about migrating to NC11 (through NC9, NC10).

I have one doubt though. Will the owncloud desktop clients on the client computers continue to work? I have no reasonable way of installing the NCdesktop client on those machines and I need them to continue working without any intervention.

If they do continue to work, will they continue to work in the future? (although my question is general, I am interested in linux desktop clients running on ubuntu)

I would appreciate any info

I migrated from OC9 to NC11 last week and they work just fine. you should be good.:slight_smile:


I will cross my fingers!

and upgrade… :wink:

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… so far it works as expected…

Good to hear! :slight_smile: