Widget customization from Deck

Looking for a developer to possibly do many projects as we evaluate moving our company over onto NextCloud. Right now I am just evaluating what is possible, and am looking for someone to build/customize a Widget, such that:

  • can add a Widget and specify a Deck List to show, and enable using a few of these at once. ie. like the Upcoming Cards / Tasks widgets, but showing cards when added to that list.
  • can enable notification push ability on additions to that List/Widget, similar to other Deck notifs optoins.

Dear Andrew

I have been running a Nextcloud platform for over 10 years with many users.

I am a trained hybrid cloud engineer, have a lot of experience also in storage/backup environment.

Did work for US companies into the “ITO Project Delivery” organization to perform transformation projects
(Storage-/Data Migrations) to other platforms/companies.

Main focus are:

  • Nextcloud installation and operation.
  • Nextcloud is fully automated in operation
  • Specialist in setup and operation of :
  • Monitoring solutions (like Zabbix)
  • OpnSense Firewall (IDS/IPS)
  • Backup professional (Bacula, Borg & more)
  • Storage professional (Netapp/3PAR, Nutanix, Synology (btrfs)
  • Linux Professional (RHEL, Debian, Alpine Linux)
  • Hybrid Cloud Professional (ProxMox, OpenNebula, Nutanix)
  • Bash - Programming Specialist
  • QEMU professional (snapshot procedures)

Glad to hear from you.

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I would also love project help in adding a custom Deck Card/Task template, as part of this, ie… additional sections in the editable deck details.

still looking for development help


I’m the developer of the Deck for iOS app. I might be able to help you regarding your Deck development needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me here or at cyrille [at] bollu [dot] be to discuss your project.

Best regards,

Cyrille Bollu