Why some folders are not synced from the server to my pc by Nextcloud (version 3.0.0 Windows)

I noticed that some folders are not syncronised (in download from external server to my pc): 11 folders, the most recent created on the server (all created in the last 10 months), on a total of more than 150 folders.
On the server everyday are created, for each folder, a new subfolder but nextcloud doesn’t sync until i click on the subfolder in the settings window (and appears the message “fetching folder list from server…”), then that folder “wakes up” and nextcloud download from the server all the missing subfolders.
I had the same problem with 2.x versions of the client; I tried removing folder sync connection, I tried removing the single folder on my pc (i can’t control the server from which I have to syncronize) but none of these trials was successful.
Ignored file list excludes last years files but not specific folders.

What can i do?
(sotty for my english)

hello @davide.tomasoni71 and welcome to the forums.
thanks for your first participation.

do I understand you right and there are several files created every day on external hdds?

well you should have a cronjob at least once/day to check your external hdds for new files. because only then they could get synced with your local pc on the first hand.

further on: are there stiull setup-messages left to solve under admin/setup/overview?

In general we would need way more infos about the problematic systems (all of them)…


thanks for the fast feedback: i know what you wrote about cronjob but everyday, under each of the 150 folders, is created a new subfolder (empty) on the remore server, so, everyday, each of the 150 folders on my pc should get a download of the new subfolders. But the most recent ones (11) don’t get the new subfolder.
The only solution i found until now is to click on the subfolder in the settings window (from the list of folders from the server) and appears the message “fetching folder list from server…”), suddenly nextcloud starts a new syncrun and downloads the missing subfolder(s)