Why removing apps does not remove database enteries

Just like windows , I always hated this that when you remove a program you have all those leftovers
and now I see in my database filled with all apps I tested and removed.

Why and how to clean up?

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No reply?
Isn’t there any way to clean up my database when an app is removed?

An issue ticket already exists to address this issue.

The steps listed in the developer documentation of the mail app might give you a hinter how to get rid of unrequired tables.

That ticket was created 5 years ago , Already a large number of peoples database already messed up :slight_smile:

the advantage of the open source software everybody can contribute, improve and add missing functionality. @icloudou why don’t you do it yourself?

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Because I am too knowledgeable. Right now I am very busy with Nasa launching a rocket to the moon :slight_smile:

Too knowledgeable to contribute. I wonder.

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Kidding :slight_smile: I know nothing about this stuff

I’m pretty happy that the removal of apps does not remove its data. More often than not, release upgrades on my test server required apps to be deactivated before a second attempt to upgrade - and all my data were present until the app in question has been made compatible with the new version.
Or, I needed to deactivate some version of an app because I found out it made NC unresponsive. Or I thought that app was responsible.

On the other hand, for cleanliness issues: yes, some mechanism to clean unwanted data would be nice to have.

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