Why Nextloud Desktop Client v3.3.3 macOS fails to sync a large folde,r while Owncloud App don't?

I am an Owncloud user who wants to switch to Nextcloud, because of its nice collaboration features.
So I set up a test VPS (Ubuntu 20.04LTS) with 4 cores, 16GB of RAM and 2TB of storage, created a Nextcloud account with a 500GB quota and started uploading/syncing a folder of about 300GB with files of all sizes. The client is a fast MacPro and the internet is FTTH-1GB (actually ±800Mbps).
The upload process went very well, fast and reliable until it encountered a sub-folder containing very large images and CAD files (50…200MB/each). Despite the fact that “post_max_size” and “upload_max_filesize” in the php.ini were set to 200GB and "memory_limit = 512M, the performance gradually started to degrade until the upload stopped and the only way to restart it was to logout, re-login, pause then restart sync. Unluckily the network performance after re-login was terrible!
So I removed the NextCloud client and extensions, installed Owncloud Desktop and crossed my fingers. Fortunately the upload process was super fast and completed in a few hours without any problems.
Here are my questions:

  1. is Nextcloud Desktop macOS buggy?
  2. is it safe to use a Nextcloud server with Owncloud App on macOS/iOS/Android?
  3. when the “bug” is fixed, what happens if I switch back to Nextcloud Destop? Do I have to resync everything?
  4. better I stay on Owncloud?



There are a few Mac-related bugs:

I haven’t tried extensive uploads like you, mostly have my data synced once and only small changes afterwards. Not more or less buggy than other operating systems.

It was no problem in the beginning, when both projects were still close. Not sure what has been modified since on both sides. ownCloud had some hash-sum verification at some point that wasn’t in the Nextcloud’s client. Nextcloud relied fully on the owncloud client first and just recently added their own development. Problem is, if you encounter any problems, nobody will fix the issues.

Check the bugtracker if you can find a report of your issue. If not, you should create one because a bug that is not know to the developers won’t be fixed (or only by accident).
If possible for the report, it would be great to have more specific numbers, like how many files in the subfolder (and after how many uploaded you see the issue, perhaps it’s not the size and just the number of files?), possible logfiles etc. Perhaps at some point the database gets too slow to respond to all the queries from the client, or it’s only client-side.

Hard to say. How much do you want the new features and how much is the bug currently bothering you? Can you report the bug and wait until it is fixed? Keep a test setup during that time and explore the collaboration features?